In Diversity, ........  Not Adversity!

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As is shown here and in the following pages, there is so much  rich wonderful diversity in our world; not only in humanity  but expressing itself in other forms of life as well.

What you see on this site represents snapshots of the diverse bounty of life which is even now evolving on this speck of dust we call planet Earth. 

The metamorphosis of  butterflies and moths (see below) is a natural metaphor  for the transformation of the human spirit. The larva begins life as an "eating machine". The caterpillar's main purpose in life is to eat and grow. At the appointed time the larva is instinctively led to stop eating and find a suitable place in which to pupate and thus be transformed from a creature of the ground to a being of the air. Select the video below and watch a monarch butterfly and cecropia moth complete metamorphosis.

Change and Wonder: A Butterfly Complete Metamorphosis.

A butterfly metamorphosis close up chronological view showing detailed transitions from egg, caterpillar growth, chrysalis formation, butterfly development within the chrysalis and butterfly emergence.



Arduous Ordeals: A Cecropia Moth Metamorphosis Lifecycle Journey

Meditate and wonder; Experience the marvel of a complete metamorphosis while listening to sumptuous music of Debussy and Holst. Witness events common to nature but rarely seen.

Cecropia moth lifecycle metamorphosis is chronicled in detail. See a caterpillar eat its way out of the egg. Look as a larva changes from black; then yellow; to showing patterns and hues of orange, black, yellow, blue and green. Watch the caterpillar work out of its old 4rth instar skin. Study the form and function of cocoon construction. Witness an event inside a cocoon seldom seen as a prepupa becomes a jade green pupa, then deepens to a rich golden brown color. Finally, wonder as a moth emerges, after spending nine months in a cocoon, into a beautiful Hyalophora cecropia adult. See in detail how wings change from stubby little useless pads into large aerodynamic instruments of flight. And most of all, come away with an appreciation of what is so often trodden underfoot without awareness or care.


Cecropia Moth Life Cycle: Ordeals of Change and Wonder from David Britton on Vimeo.

Let us explore the metamorphosis waiting to happen within our in-most being and become filled with the radiance of joy, love and fellowship for all creation. Indeed it is time for a new way of thinking.

To see a complete photo journal of a monarch butterfly life cycle click here!>

Scroll below to see a butterfly collage.

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Butterfly species

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tortoise shell


tiger, black, and



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