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All flying birds are subject to the strict laws of aerodynamics and the physical  demands of flight and yet they adorn the earth with such vivid variety!

Birds, and their powers of flight, have fascinated us since the beginning. Perhaps we can thank birds for inspiring us onward into the realms of flight resulting in the present age of routine air transportation.

Pictured are species showing some of the variations of color, form and function expressed within the common theme of flight. Included are Solomon Island eclectus, Moluccan cockatoo, yellow naped Amazon, Gouldian finch. and a red factor canary.

As mentioned in the home page, this site recognizes the need for both science and religion in the affairs of our lives. My personal experience has been with the growing science of aviculture, that is, the keeping and breeding of exotic birds in captivity.

Here is a slide show showing the growth of a hand-fed scarlet macaw chick

Macaw scarlet 2 dayscropped.jpg Macaw scarlet 12 days 3 750.jpg Macaw scarlet 21 days 2.jpg Macaw scarlet chick 23 dayscropped.jpg Macaw scarlet four weeks 2.jpg Macaw scarlet fledgling.jpg Macaw.scarlet.jpg

Archeological evidence supports birds being closely allied with dinosaurs.

If you wish to learn more about the birds shown here >click here!   b_parrot_large.gif

Be sure to link to the "flickers" site for more photos  camera02_3.gif

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