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This has been a real eye opener for me. As one who is naturally inquisitive I have wondered for many years if there were any substantial differences in the central teachings of religions around the world. What are the reasons for so much judgment, the "I am right but you are wrong syndrome", the notion one sect is going to hell but "I am heaven-bound", claiming God is "on their side and is their own personal savior and yours- if you except my ways".

Much of the political and economic maladies afflicting humanity today, the very deep-rooted concepts that have been part of our mind set for millennia after millennia, is directly inherited from the distant past when tribe fought against tribe, city-states conquered other city-states to become empires and religious persecution in the name of God was (and still is) rampant.

It seems so evident to this observer and independent investigator of truth; looking for yourself, not blindly following any authority figure whether it be a priest or a politician- that much of the cause of the torture, mutilation, massacres and other "inhumane" activities are a direct result of literal perceptions and contradictory interpretations of holy texts whose main purpose was and is to enlighten and unite. Yet, what citizens have consistently been taught from birth to the grave leads many to believe war is honorable and the mistreatment of "heathens" and "soul-less" non-believers as something deemed necessary to purge them of their sin and protect the "righteous".

This type of thinking has no basis in fact and is most certainly not in accordance with the teachings of the great Masters such as Muhammad, Jesus, Buddha or others. Baha'u'llah, who is among this class of Divine Elect, beautifully and clearly shows the difference. He says," Noble have I created thee wherefore dost thou abase thyself? Arise then unto that for which thou was  created," We were not born into original sin but, rather, were created to be  as an all-merciful, loving, just as God would have us be; by knowing and worshipping Him and living our lives as if we were truly created in God's image.

Hopefully this essential truth has been touched upon in this website. It is my sincere hope and belief that soon God's Kingdom will come on Earth as it is in Heaven. Though science and biology with its forecast of hardship may well happen, or man-made political and religious terrorism and abuse continue to occur and even escalate, there is a universal promise expressed in many faiths that, after we have had enough of and suffered by what is wrought by our own hands, there surely will be a time of "peace on Earth, goodwill to men".

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