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As is shown in an ancient coral reef...

Cooperation is beneficial as is our need for renewal.

Seen above are but a few examples of mutual cooperation.

Some anenomes will host clownfish. Clownfish help feed the anemone and, in turn, are protected by the stinging tentacles of the host. (Look for the maroon clownfish in the bubble anemone on the upper left and the sebae anemone hosting a sebae clownfish at the lower center.)

There are many instances of mutual cooperation in nature which are too numerous to mention here.

Yes, it is true that the argument of "survival of the fittest", a competition where only the fittest survive and the weak are weeded out of the gene pool, is indeed a fundamental driving force in the worlds of nature and civilized mankind. But the study of ecology shows conclusively evolution itself is dependent  on biodiversity and has found added benefit in interspecies cooperation. Why can't we do the same among ourselves?

If we ourselves, around the world and among the nations, would grow in awareness; seeing the natural order as a wondrous classroom of an interdependent web of life; may not our survival benefit also? Should not we appreciate our own diversity as citizens of the whole earth? We must embrace our many hued cultures, arts and ways of communing with"The Beyond"; celebrating differences; not condemning them!

Corals have been around since way before animals came onto the land to live.

These living things are often mistaken for plants but are actually animals.

Fossils have shown corals are extremely ancient going back many hundreds of millions of years.

HomePhilosophyCosmic UnityUnity   EvolutionCooperationSymphonyCyndiPat's Peace    Faith & Topic ListingsConclusions


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