Cosmic Unity


We Are A Gift From The Stars.

We can, at best, glimpse at but a mere peek of the immense eternity that surrounds within, without and throughout us.

We Are Indeed Privileged To Witness A Dawning Era On A New Perspective.


In the beginning:

the universe was a primal singularity.

From this beginning, which has no beginning, the latent potentialities inherent within the primal singularity revealed the fabric of space, time, matter and energy. Probability generated possibilities which, in turn,  produced happenings.

The foundation for the development of familiar and exotic galaxies, stars and subsequent planets laid the groundwork for life on Earth. Stars became fusion factories wherein the nuclei of primordial hydrogen plasma were fused into ever-more massive elements. Over billions of years this transormed matter inevitably drifted into accretion clouds. Gravity brought it all together resulting in the formation of second and third generation stars.

We are a gift from the stars. The same heavier elements we find within our own tissues such as carbon, oxygen, potassium, silicon, iron and etc. are being  constantly released into space. Stars running out of hydrogen and helium collapse into themselves resulting in unimaginable explosions blasting the "seeds" of more combinational probable possibilities out into space.

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As seen against the backdrop of Cosmic dimensions and vistas beyond imagining,  we are but seemingly little more than utter insignificance! What we call planet Earth is merely a tiny mote of dust floating within a cradle of immensity; yet our capacities for exploration and discovery are surely very significant.

Our petty fleeting passions, prides, desires, understandings and comprehension are of little consequence within the realms of space and time. Dogma, creed, religious interpretations and hair-splitting discussions are but feeble attempts to pin the Unknowable into a form we can define.


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